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Our laboratory uses the techniques of protein chemistry, molecular genetics, biophysics and cell biology. Much of our work is centered on membrane proteins, in particular channels and pores. We investigate both the fundamental properties of these proteins and their applications in biotechnology. Several of our studies are collaborations with other laboratories in the UK, USA and Europe. There are usually around 24 postdocs and graduate students in the lab. They are from 10 different countries and 12 are women.
Polypeptide translocation and sequencing

α-hemolysin protein pores for single molecule detection

Single molecule chemistry and catalysis

Nanoreactors to study covalent chemistry at the single-molecule level

Synthetic, cellular and hybrid tissues

Aqueous droplets  connected by  lipid bilayers to form networks

Engineered nanopores

Transmembrane structures from polypeptides and nucleic acids

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