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Mondays at 9.00 am -10.30 am: Full Research talk (50 + 10).
This presentation will come up only about once a year so: Make it a momentous occasion! Let me have the file, by email, containing your presentation and any additional materials (e.g. new protocols). You should expect to meet with HB for ~60 min after your talk. It is your responsibility to organize this meeting and show up !
Thursdays at 4.30 - 6.30 pm: Round Table
7 min research update for each person: 6 minute talk + 1 minute questions at the end. Keep strictly to time. In this case, place your slides in ppt or as a pdf on the server.

There is a MAXIMUM of 5 slides: number the slides: 1: Intro; 2-4 new data; 5: plan for next two weeks. The subgroups present in turn, but ALL must attend. This Session may be followed by further discussion.

Once a month, the Round Tables will be replaced by a Technical Discussion of an important experimental approach. Each Technical Discussion will be the responsibility of a specific subgroup. This Session may be followed by further discussion.
Fridays at 4.00- ~5.30 pm- Journal club (40 + 5), preceded by two mini J Journal Talks (4 + 1).
If in doubt, see the list of suggestions [entries welcome]. Please discuss your selection with me before you start work on it. Make it a serious effort! The paper should be relevant to our work or of outstanding general interest, and usually very recent. If the mini talk is of interest, it could later be developed into a full-length talk. You should understand the details of how the work was done and not just present it at a picture-book level.

Please send a pdf copy of the paper to everyone in the group on the Monday before your talk.
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