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Bayley Group Latest News

Congratulations to Xingzaou on winning the Jamie Ferguson Chemistry Innovation Award

Congratulation to our group member Dr. Yujia Zhang for winning the best presenter award in the Syngenta (Chemistry department) Postdoc Symposium, after delivering an exciting talk about the soft microscale ‘droplet battery’.

Congratulations to our group members Dr. Yujia Zhang and Xingyun (Sonia) Yang for winning the first place of this year’s photo competition of the Chemistry department.

Welcome to all the new group members!

Congratulations to Dr Krishna Kumar on his latest paper - Droplet printing reveals the importance of micron-scale structure for bacterial ecology.

Congratulations to Dr Zhou on her latest paper - Bioengineered Gastrointestinal Tissues with Fibroblast‐Induced Shapes.

Congratulations to Dr Zhou on her latest paper - Lipid‐Bilayer‐Supported 3D Printing of Human Cerebral Cortex Cells Reveals Developmental Interactions

Congratulatons to Dr Alcinesio on his latest paper. Controlled packing and single-droplet resolution of 3D-printed functional synthetic tissues

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